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It has been a delight to educate new generations of wood & metalworkers in a high-level, working environment. I come from a long line of teachers and, though I have made my primary living as an artist, it's in my DNA to share my skills. Over the years, I have trained over 200 men and women of all ages and places in life. Many have graduated from my full-time, year-long apprenticeship program. Many now contribute their unique talents in their own communities across our country and sometimes beyond.

Maintaining this constant educational layer requires some extra space and material accomodations that we are currently very short on. We're now at a juncture where we need more space, more tools, more books, and materials. Most exciting are plans for a somewhat larger studio space which can accommodate more students and workbenches. The land for this has already been set aside, but I need a financial partner to enable this expanded vision. Is there someone out there that would join with me to strengthen this important educational component of my work?

I believe the skills and ways of seeing that are implicit in these crafts hold a key to human happiness and contribute to healthy social & environmental developments. The Way of Craft demands a respectful balance between tradition & progress, between nature and technology. Supporting education in the crafts is a way of quietly promoting peace and wholeness in life.

Any gift is welcome - a few dollars will buy a new book for the library. I will send you some awesome ready to frame graphic art for any donation of $100 or more.. All donors with be listed with gratitude and honor on our donor plaque.

- David Orth


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